You and your friend are late for a party, In order to get there in time you have to manoeuvre your airship between floating islands.

- Run on the treadmill to start turning the propellor and move the ship forward

- Pull the rope to vent air out of the balloon to move the ship down

- Shuffle coal in the oven the fill the balloon with air in order for it to move up

- Make sure their is enough coal near the oven

Blue Player: WASD to move and Q to action

Red Player: Arrows to move and / to action


This was was my first One Game A Month challenge (Jan 2017). Everything (artwork, music and code) was done from scratch and specifically for this project.

My goal is to make and publish at least 12 games this year.


Free downloads for Mac & Windows later this week!

Made withUnity
Tags1GAM, Colorful, Co-op, Endless, Steampunk
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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