Turn camera with right mouse button + drag

Drag leaves to branches with the left mouse button

My second entry for the One Game A Month Challenge. I found it really hard to come up with an new idea for the theme of this month ("Anthem"). So I decided to work a little bit on an older project. I did this project about a year ago for an elective course I took for my master. The goal was to design an environment for kids to play, explore and learn. We came up with this concept, in order to test the interactive part of the design I made this virtual demo (this tree would be a physical product in a museum/science centre). The past month I worked on getting the sound sequencer to stay on the beat better and I played around with the new Post Processing Stack that you can download from unity's git hub.

The name Blad Muziek is pretty clever if I say so myself. It means sheet music in dutch, but literally translates to leave music.

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